“I am—a sea of—alone.”

Alfred Hitchcock (at one of his last public appearances)

Psycho. The Birds. Rear Window. Vertigo. North by Northwest. Notorious. The Thirty-Nine Steps.

The list goes on and on—the masterpieces of the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.

Hitchcock is almost certainly the most popular and influential film director of Hollywood’s classic age—but he’s more than that. Nearly three decades after his death, the image and voice of Alfred Hitchcock remain instantly recognizable throughout the world. The word “Hitchcockian” is understood by movie fans in every corner of the globe to refer to films that are brimming with tension, romance, and shocking plot twists. The music from his Alfred Hitchcock Presents TV series (actually Gounod’s “Funeral March for a Marionette”) is known to everyone, forty years after the show’s cancellation, as “the Alfred Hitchcock theme.”

Hitchcock was one-of-a-kind, and there can hardly be a movie or TV fan anywhere who has not been affected by his work. A Sea of Alone: Poems For Alfred Hitchcock will celebrate this unique figure in a suitably unique way—through verse.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Table of Contents Announced...

A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock is now closed, and I’m delighted to be able to announce our Table of Contents! Many thanks to each and every poet who took the time to submit to this anthology. It was a privilege and a pleasure to read your work.


Introduction by Christopher Conlon

  • Sydney Duncan / "Sestina for Alfred Hitchcock"
  • Michael Louis Calvillo / "Devolution"
  • Lyn Lifshin / "Hitchcock’s Circles"
  • S.D. Hintz / "Bird’s Eye View"
  • Steve Vernon / "Leytonstone Lad"
  • Elissa Malcohn / "Far From the Pleasure Garden"
  • Deborah-Anne Tunney / "The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog"
  • Steve Rasnic Tem / "39"
  • Maria Alexander / "39 Regrets"
  • Kurt Newton / "The Thirty-Nine Steps"
  • Miles David Moore / "Shadow of a Doubt: Charles Oakley’s Speech"
  • Anne Harding Woodworth / "Spellbound at Smith College"
  • G.O. Clark / "Alfred"
  • Lyn Lifshin / "Alma"
  • Craig D.B. Patton / "Rope Tricks"
  • Deborah-Anne Tunney / "Vertigo"
  • Kathi Stafford / "Double Feature at the Pecos Drive-In"
  • Martel Sardina / "The Wrong Man"
  • Lucy A. Snyder / "Recreation"
  • Andrew J. Wilson / "crop-duster"
  • Norman Prentiss / "The Lies of Janet Leigh"
  • John Palisano / "Mother you can watch"
  • Bev Vincent / "24 Hour Psycho"
  • Richard A. Lupoff / "At the Cosmic Saloon"
  • Kurt Newton / "Fly on the Wall"
  • Michael A. Arnzen / "Marnie Checks In"
  • Lyn Lifshin / "Think of a Woman Terrified by Birds, Caged"
  • Marge Simon / "The Birds’ Lullaby"
  • Lisa Morton / "Bodega Bay, 2004"
  • Frances Boyle / "Cross double Cross"
  • Gary A. Braunbeck / "Triskaidekaphobia"
  • James Wilson / "Near Window"
  • Deborah-Anne Tunney / "Bel Air, 1980"
  • Deborah-Anne Tunney / "Alma and Alfred"
  • Brian James Freeman / "Mary Rose"
  • Lyn Lifshin / "Hitch Writes to Tippi from the Grave"
  • Rich Ristow / "Acceptance Speech"
  • Raychelle Swann / "A Sea of Alone"